Ep. 13 – Intelligent Content: Sean O’Mara, M.D.—Taking On Humanity’s Biggest Health Issue

October 3, 2019 @ 5:01 pm

Dr. Sean O’Mara, a performance-enhancing physician, has a warning for all Americans, and for that matter our entire species. It’s time to wake up and reverse the catastrophic effects of chronic diseases. To do that, Sean is passionately changing the medical conversation from simply treating conditions to truly optimizing each individual’s health through important lifestyle changes. In his new approach, Sean shares intelligent research and data has led to this conclusion: Optimized health means increased performance in all aspects of life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

0:43 – The Drive Behind His Drive

2:00 – Sean’s Beauty and Attraction to Learning

3:24 – The Big Shift: From Law to Medical School

6:30 – “Passion Is a Part of My Life”

7:00 – Emergence of a Performance Optimizing Physician

7:52 – Relationship Between Health and Business Performance

 8:41 – Creating a New Space In Medical Specialties

9:39 – Measuring Biological Indicators

10:34 – The Elimination of Visceral Fat

12:00 – The Goal: Educate Health Care Providers

 13:00 – The Buzz Effect: Scaling to a Stubborn Audience

 14:23 – Your Single Most Valuable Possession

15:13 – Survival of the Analyst

17:05 – The Beta (test) of the Alpha

19:34 – The Very Real Business Challenge to Optimizing Health

20:45 – The Good Doctor’s Alpha Health Content Platform

 23:30 – Big Objective: Optimizing the Health of a Species

24:10 – Pessimism of Chronic Diseases

25:37 – 3 Things You Can Do Today to Optimize Your Health

27:45 – Is Oprah Optimized? 

30:31 – Time America Wakes Up: Facing Humanities Biggest Problem

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Ep. 12 – Intelligent Content: Margot Bloomstein—Speaking The Truth About Content Strategy

September 25, 2019 @ 12:33 am

Margot Bloomstein sat at the “founders’ table” when content strategy was not only named, but also planted and nurtured to become an industry of its own. Margot gives us a peek at the earliest days of content strategy, then quickly shifts to top-of-mind topics that will take us deep into some hot issues few content strategists dare to travel. Everything from trust, cynicism, and what has her fired up to write another book.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

 1:58 – The Margot Bloomstein Story

 6:28 – A Seat at the Content Strategy Founders’ Table

 9:07 – What Came Out of the 2009 Content Consortium?

 11:37 – The Power of Open Sharing

 12:31 – Defining Intelligent Content

 14:30 – “We Have Intelligence But Do We have Creativity?”

 15:00 – Hating On Our CMS

 16:23 – Is There a Simple Answer to Content ROI?

 19:44 – Deep, Slow-Simmering Thoughts of Margot Bloomstein

 22:55 – Cynicism Undermining Trust in Brands

 24:06 – It’s All a Matter of TRUST

 28:42 – “Putting a Period Where There Should Be a Comma”

 30:35 – Another Book In the Works?

 32:34 – Taking Content’s Volume Game to Task

 36:00 – Is There a Hopeful Outcome for Content Strategy?

 37:45 – Answer: “Fried Oysters and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough”



Website: Appropriate Inc.

Twitter:  @mbloomstein

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Ep. 11 - Intelligent Content: Jon Wuebben—A Futurist’s View of Content Marketing

September 12, 2019 @ 5:29 pm

Jon Wuebben is a futurist and entrepreneur who just happens to have a need to be creative. Learn how the founder of Content Launch tapped into his inner passions to launch a successful Content Marketing business that has evolved into a platform for small to mid-sized content creators who want the tools to be the best in their business.

Here is what you'll learn: 

1:50 - The inner voice calls “Entrepreneur”


4:50 – Emergence of an 11-Year-Old Leader


7:08 – Jon Defines His View of Intelligent Content


8:29 – “We’re Asking A Lot of Our Content”


9:00 – Assess Your “Unintelligent Content”


9:44 – Quality Content Algorithm


11:34 – Data Points and Human Interactions


12:44 – The Platform: Content Launch Version 1


14:48 – Prime Time: Content Launch Version 2


16:34 – Understanding the “Good Weird” of Startups


17:59 – Tools to Connect to the Audience


20:03 - ROI of Content: Does It Lead to a Sale


21;47 – The   Sales Stream: Combine Analog with Digital


24:15 – Futurist’s Vision of Content Marketing: AI, VR, UX, AR


30:40 – Tapping Into the Inner Creative




Website: contentlaunch.com

Twitter: @jonwuebben

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Ep. 10 - Intelligent Content: Scott Litman – How AI Named Lucy Is Changing Lives

August 29, 2019 @ 5:30 pm

Scott Litman has built and sold multiple platforms serving Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he and EQUALS 3 have brought AI into the daily world the "researcher and marketing professional" through Lucy. This fascinating conversation (with Scott, not Lucy) gives you an insiders' perspective on how AI can solve problems and how big thinkers like Scott make it happen. He explains how and why Lucy was built, how EQUALS 3 and Lucy tapped into a universal inefficiency at the enterprise level, and what all businesses taking the next step in AI should ask.

Here is what you'll learn: 

2:30 – Why entrepreneurship is a team sports game.

4:48 – Creating a structured marketing opportunity to unstructured data.

7:15 – Extending the ROI to primary data owned by the enterprise.

9:00 – Introducing Lucy. “She is the AI companion to the research and marketing professional.”

11:45 – Lucy’s BIG appetite for data, and how she serves herself.

15:53 – Ask a natural language question; receive a practical, useful response.

19:07 – Lucy was just a glimmer in Watson’s eye.

25:38 – SMB market quickly on the horizon for Lucy.

26:33 – Quantifying and tracking Lucy’s impact on business ops.

32:26 – Holding Lucy accountable.

34:00 – Predicting the future of AI. What should be on your radar?

38:20 – Why Scott Litman is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs.


Website: equals3.ai

Twitter: @scottequals3

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Ep. 9 - Intelligent Content: Grant Johnson - Agencies, Content, and Measurement

August 14, 2019 @ 12:20 pm

Grant Johnson has leveraged his direct marketing experience to become one of the leading digital agency marketers calling Milwaukee home. His meticulous focus on measuring results has proven for more than two decades that a marketing agency can stay on the cutting edge, and lead where others follow, if they focus on results they can prove.

Here is what you'll learn: 

2:00 - Direct mail and measurable marketing create the foundations for AI and intelligence.

3:23 - The blurring of the lines: advertising and editorial. It all equals content marketing. 

4:45 - Methods to connect and be relevant to target audiences.

8:03 - Staying relevant as a small marketing agency in a big-fish market. 

11:56 - Discovering the right measures in measurable marketing.

19:00 - Why content has always been the door opener for agency growth. 

22:15 - How do you measure ROI of content and campaigns?

24:27 - "Data is the new water." Why data plays a part in every measurable marketing campaign today. 

29:32 - Understanding whom the customer really is, thanks to the data. 

30:52 - Grant's predictions for what is just over the horizon for marketers. 

33:09 - Quick-fire questions, including a lesson he learned from his kids. 



Website: responsory.com

LinkedIn: Grant A JohnsonResponsory, a Johnson Direct Company

Twitter: @grantajohnson


Article: What's More Important—Technology or Content? 

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Ep. 8 - Intelligent Content: Scott Severson - Building Value In Branded Content

July 25, 2019 @ 1:13 pm

Scott Severson and his team at Brandpoint were producing content at scale long before the term "content marketing" became fashionable. That alone makes his insights on the evolution of the content fascinating. Find out how Scott and team bring value to branded content, establishing Brandpoint as a quiet force in the industry.  

Here is what you'll learn: 

2:47 - Forever gone are the walls of church and state when it comes to branded content, and when users are just fine with that.

10:00 - The evolving role of content creators, and how Brandpoint's team of crack writers expand their expertise.

16:10 - Bringing intelligence into the game of winning content at scale.

25:35 - Why the buyer's journey is the right place to start with content strategy.


Website: brandpoint.com

LinkedIn: Brandpoint

Twitter: @brandpointco

Facebook: @brandpoint



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Ep. 7 - Intelligent Content: Robert Rose - Have we delivered on the content promise?

July 18, 2019 @ 11:12 am

Robert Rose, founder of The Content Advisory and strategic leader at the Content Marketing Institute, is marketing A-lister who knows where the content world has been and is headed. He has helped some of the most recognizable brands create intelligent content marketing strategies. Robert also found time to share his wit and wisdom with Intelligent Content, challenging all of us to help solve content challenges that still exist. What you'll learn:

• Why technology isn't the answer to great content, but an opportunity to scale 

• How data privacy will put a premium on building relationships with customers

• Robert's vision on where content strategy and marketing is headed (hint: It's not going away!)


Twitter: @Robert_Rose

LinkedIn: Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker

Website: contentadvisory.net

Podcast: CMI Weekly Wrap Podcast


Killing Marketing, with Joe Pulizzi

Managing Content Marketing

Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, with Carla Johnson



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Ep. 6 - Intelligent Content: Laura Podergois, Nonprofit Content Conundrums

July 11, 2019 @ 12:24 am

Intelligent Content takes a peek inside the nonprofit content operations at Holy Family Catholic High School with Laura Podergois. Laura has taken this private school's marketing into the digital age and has done amazing things on a tight budget. Three things you'll learn from Laura:

• How to efficiently produce content with limited staff resources

• How understanding consumer analytics and insights can drive smarter content decisions

• How looking outside your organization can be more important than focusing internally


Holy Family Catholic High School: hfchs.org

Facebook: @hfchs

Instagram: @HolyFamilyFire

Twitter: @HolyFamilyFire
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Ep. 5 - Intelligent Content: Steve Hedlund, Surviving a Digital World

June 27, 2019 @ 12:09 am

Intelligent Content shares valuable time with Steve Hedlund, a digital survivor in a rapidly changing publishing world. Steve, founder of The Hedlund Group, is also Executive Director of the Minnesota Media + Publishing Association. Three things you'll learn from Steve:

• Why he's made it his mission to help publishers quickly adapt to digital opportunities

• Why niche publishing continues to be Steve's most relevant space 

• How he's adapted to a Digital First mentality to lead all business pursuits

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Ep. 4 - Rob Silas, The Data Storyteller

June 19, 2019 @ 9:24 pm

Enter the true Data Storyteller to the world of Intelligent Content. Rob dives deep into analytics and emerges with a story that rings true from the C-suite down to consumer content. Three things you'll learn:

• How a fascination with statistical sports games led to a career of data and analytic storytelling

• Why the right KPIs may not be the same across the organization

• What is required foundational knowledge for applying data to content strategy



 The Alchemy of Content Intelligence by Rob Silas


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